These Are 11 Leading Countries With The Smallest Armies

While some countries invest in the military, there are some that have no means to support theirs, which leads to them having a small number of people in the military because that is the easiest way to manage them. Others have a small group because they have no reason to invest in a large group. In many instances, a country’s strength is always measured by the number of people in the armed forces, as it shows that the team is in a position if fighting battles against the enemies of the state. Well, if you have been looking for a list of countries that have a small number of people in the armed forces, here are a bunch of them.

1. Palestine

It is a country that has had political unrest for a couple of years, and it is known only to have about 500 people who are active in the military department, and 56,000 in the paramilitaries.

2. Haiti

Despite the fantastic beaches and it is one of the most beautiful countries in spite of all odds, the country has about 400 serving in the military and 2000 in the paramilitary department.

3. Vatican City

Being one of the smallest countries in the world automatically qualifies it to have the world’s smallest army that comprises of 110 men. The arm is famously known as the Swiss Guard that has been in existence for the longest, and are best known for their courage to fight the tough battles.

4. Madagascar

The country has set aside about $56 million and only has around 21, 600 people in the military, and it is a country that has about 20 aircraft and eight watercraft.

5. Monaco

It is one of the smallest countries, considering that it comes just before Vatican City. Its population is said to be of about 38,000, and 263 of them happen to be in the military world.

6. Vanuatu

It is a tiny island that was founded in the 1980s and is known to have about 300 people in the military world. The country has had plans to increase its military force and is still working on ways of improving the number of people who will be serving in the military.

7. Mauritius

it is known as one of the world’s incredible tourist attraction, the country only has around 2000 people in the military force, thus bringing it to the top of the countries with few people in the armed forces.

8. Costa Rica

It is one of the countries whose members are not trained to handle combat missions, and are instead used to maintain peace within the country. It has about 9800 people within the paramilitary forces, and the country keeps its military team small, enough to serve the country.

9. Iceland

Despite being a NATO member, the country has no army. The country is known to be full of friendly individuals, and one will only find about 130 people who are active in the paramilitary.

10. Antigua And Barbuda

The place is known mainly because of the beautiful beaches and welcoming weather but, when it comes to the military force, only 245 people are active in the armed forces.

11. Andorra

It is a small country located between Spain and France, and only has 100 paramilitary individuals who have not received any training in the armed forces. The country covers about 468 square kilometers, it is known to be a peaceful and friendly country, and perhaps that is why the government has not invested much in the military.