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A list of countries where US has a military base

The US military loves their presence known and has over 150 military bases around the world. That explains why the country spends the most amount of money on their defense forces, considering that these individuals are at times deployed to help out other nations. From Africa to Europe and the Middle East, the American military bases are found everywhere around the world. In Iraq and Afghanistan alone has about 800 military bases.

One of the most significant advantages of having military bases around the world is the fact that it is a way of demonstrating friendship and a great way of maintaining relationships between countries. The United States government is in a position of showing their strength and willingness to ensure there are incredible diplomatic ties between them and other countries. The country has done a great job of instilling patriotisms and the number of soldiers eager to defend their country is easily represented in their numbers. America values and praises their military efforts and even offers incentives and programs to active military and veterans. These includes discounts in many categories from dining, living, all the way to even hybrid long term care insurance premiums.

In the Iraq war tens of thousands of soldiers were wounded often suffering life long injuries that will require long term care for the rest of their life.

The insurance industry created an innovative solution called hybrid long term care insurance in the early 2000’s where it combines life insurance if the person dies or will pay long term care expenses if the person in injured.

With the risk our warriors take to protect our freedom creating a hybrid long term care insurance program that they can access before they go fight our battles would be wise.

We’ve written to our Senator David Perdue who has an amazing record supporting our first responders online to propose a hybrid long term care insurance bill. This Hybrid LTCI bill would give them access to this vital long term care protection but have not heard back.

A product like hybrid long term care insurance is almost designed for our military professionals, police, and fireman given that their jobs are so dangerous. Oftentimes these people have young families that would be devastated if mom or dad never came home. Hybrid long term care insurance can help provide a life insurance payout to them, in the event that the worst may happen.

No doubt these soldiers and veterans are honored by many.

Some of the countries where the US has set up their bases is because the country could need money, and it becomes an easy way of negotiating the deals with such a team involved. It explains why the US has countless financial agreements with different countries, and at times, some countries pay the US to maintain the base. Below is a list of places where the American army is still fully functional, and the data shows how far America’s reach is.

  1. Italy

Although there have been many bases closing in Italy since the 1990s, there are still some that are operational, hosting around 11,000 troops, and recently, there have been more bases built, helping the team to expand their African operations in Sicily.

2. Burkina Faso

There is a cooperative security location in the country’s capital Ouagadougou, operating and training in the region to help in maintaining peace and stability within the region. The place hosts special operations, surveillance flights and drones that help in ensuring the mission is a success.

3. Philippines

Despite the massive eviction of the US troops in the ‘90s, there have been other troops deployed since 2002 to assist the Filipino forces in dealing with any problems within the region. Although the military bases are still unclear, there are a couple of troops in the country, considering that there was a groundbreaking event held back in 2018, for building a US military base within the Philippine Air Force base.

3. Iraq

The American government has had a strong presence in the region and has about 12 bases that are fully operational in Iraq. The aim is to maintain peace within the region and ensure that the group helps in fighting terrorism.

4. Honduras

The place which is to the south of Comayagua houses about 600 US troops and is an essential link in Central America, and because of this base, the US government has been in a position of providing humanitarian aid within Central America.

5. Syria

Although there has been a tug of war, with president Trump looking forward to withdrawing the American troops from this region, there are still around 2000 people operating in the region and are speed across 12 different places. These are troops expected to withdraw in 2019, although their fate has not been fully sealed.

6. Niger

There are three locations where the army operates from in this region, and a person will not only get in touch with the people fighting in the region but also those offering special operations in the area. The team is bound to helping the Niger military with training and surveillance while still operating in the region.


3 defense resources that make America the world’s most formidable adversary

When it comes to military might, America carries the biggest stick. But Russia and China – among other countries – are developing their militaries at an unprecedented rate. Late last year, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a number of new weapons systems that he referred to as ‘invincible’. This includes Avangard, a new hypersonic nuclear weapon delivery system that is practically ‘invisible’. Similarly, China has made major strides to drive and flaunt some of the world’s most advanced weapon systems. The Asian powerhouse is turning up one aircraft carrier after the other and developing a whole range of medium and intermediate-range missiles and hypersonic weapons.

Despite these concerning developments, the US remains the world’s most formidable adversary – thanks in part to these weapons systems.

1. Ohio-Class Ballistic Missile Submarines

The Ohio-Class ballistic missile submarines are the centerpiece of America’s strategic deterrent. One of three components that make up the nuclear triad, these 14 submarines provide survivable and enduring nuclear strike capability that dramatically offsets the balance with Russia and China. Each of these submarines is sea-bound nearly 70% of the time. Each Ohio-Class submarine stretches 560 feet and weighs over 18,000 tons when submerged. The submarines carry 24 ballistic missiles (each) and 4 MK48 torpedoes. There’s no point going into the details about how precise these weapons are, and what damage they could cause.

2. B-2 Stealth Bomber

The B-2 bomber brings a revolutionary blend of low-observable technologies, large payload, and high aerodynamic efficiency into the battlefield. In light of Russia’s superior anti-air systems, the B-2 is designed for high survivability, with the ability to penetrate even the most sophisticated adversary defenses. Each plane can travel for 6,000 nautical miles needing to be refueled, and reach altitudes of nearly 50,000 feet. After recent upgrades, the B-2 can receive targeting information while in the air, which means it can drop up to 20 tons of conventional or nuclear weapons on high-value enemy assets. There are 20 of these powerful stealth bombers in the US military inventory.

3. Missile Defenses

Although many would argue that Russia has better missile defenses, the United States has a competent missile defense strategy. As it is, this system cannot be counted to stop any missile that is directed at the country. But it offers a significant layer of defense that opponents cannot pretend to dismiss. America’s vibrant missile defense is composed of ground-based interceptor missiles, Aegis ship-based component, Terminal High-Altitude area defense, airborne systems, as well as short-range anti-ballistic missiles. Early 2019, president Donald Trump announced plans to expand the US missile defense system with the aim of destroying enemy missiles anywhere, and at any time.


These Are 11 Leading Countries With The Smallest Armies

While some countries invest in the military, there are some that have no means to support theirs, which leads to them having a small number of people in the military because that is the easiest way to manage them. Others have a small group because they have no reason to invest in a large group. In many instances, a country’s strength is always measured by the number of people in the armed forces, as it shows that the team is in a position if fighting battles against the enemies of the state. Well, if you have been looking for a list of countries that have a small number of people in the armed forces, here are a bunch of them.

1. Palestine

It is a country that has had political unrest for a couple of years, and it is known only to have about 500 people who are active in the military department, and 56,000 in the paramilitaries.

2. Haiti

Despite the fantastic beaches and it is one of the most beautiful countries in spite of all odds, the country has about 400 serving in the military and 2000 in the paramilitary department.

3. Vatican City

Being one of the smallest countries in the world automatically qualifies it to have the world’s smallest army that comprises of 110 men. The arm is famously known as the Swiss Guard that has been in existence for the longest, and are best known for their courage to fight the tough battles.

4. Madagascar

The country has set aside about $56 million and only has around 21, 600 people in the military, and it is a country that has about 20 aircraft and eight watercraft.

5. Monaco

It is one of the smallest countries, considering that it comes just before Vatican City. Its population is said to be of about 38,000, and 263 of them happen to be in the military world.

6. Vanuatu

It is a tiny island that was founded in the 1980s and is known to have about 300 people in the military world. The country has had plans to increase its military force and is still working on ways of improving the number of people who will be serving in the military.

7. Mauritius

it is known as one of the world’s incredible tourist attraction, the country only has around 2000 people in the military force, thus bringing it to the top of the countries with few people in the armed forces.

8. Costa Rica

It is one of the countries whose members are not trained to handle combat missions, and are instead used to maintain peace within the country. It has about 9800 people within the paramilitary forces, and the country keeps its military team small, enough to serve the country.

9. Iceland

Despite being a NATO member, the country has no army. The country is known to be full of friendly individuals, and one will only find about 130 people who are active in the paramilitary.

10. Antigua And Barbuda

The place is known mainly because of the beautiful beaches and welcoming weather but, when it comes to the military force, only 245 people are active in the armed forces.

11. Andorra

It is a small country located between Spain and France, and only has 100 paramilitary individuals who have not received any training in the armed forces. The country covers about 468 square kilometers, it is known to be a peaceful and friendly country, and perhaps that is why the government has not invested much in the military.


Nato’s Ballistic Missile Defense System

A Missile support Feasibility Analysis was launched following the 2002 Prague Summit. The actual Nato’s Ballistic Missile Defense, Control and Management Bureau (NC3A), and NATO’s Conference associated with National Armaments Directors (CNAD) were in addition linked to talks. The learning concluded that missile support is technically doable, and it provided the technological basis pertaining to continuous political and military service chats concerning the suitability of the NATO missile support process. The United States negotiated to have Belgium plus the Czech Republic through a very extensive period right after within the deployment associated with interceptor missiles plus a radar tracking process inside 2 countries. The two countries’ government authorities pointed out which they allow the deployment.

In spring 2007, NATO’s Eu allies requested the NATO missile support process which might accentuate the United states countrywide missile immune system to protect The European countries through missile assaults and NATO’s decision-making Northern Ocean Local authority or council placed services with missile support inside the first meeting within the matter at a real older stage. In reply, Russian Excellent Minister Vladimir Putin stated that will a real deployment actually leads to a new biceps and triceps ethnic background and may even increase the probability of common destruction. He in addition encouraged that the region to freeze compliance with the 1990 Treaty with Conventional Military in The European countries (CFE) – which restricts military service deployment in the continent—until many NATO countries ratified the adapted CFE treaty. Secretary Common Jaap de Hoop Scheffer stated the machine wouldn’t normally impact arranged harmony or jeopardize the Russian federation because the strategy must be to base merely five interceptor missiles in Belgium by having a related radar inside the Czech Republic.

In 14 Come early July 2007, the Russian Federation gave observe associated with the goal to be actually able to postpone the CFE treaty, effective one hundred and fifty days later. On 14 September 2008, we and Belgium located a great contract to put the base having five interceptor missiles having related MIM-104 Patriot oxygen support techniques in Belgium. This kind of got during a period as soon as stress seemed to be substantial concerning the Russian federation and many associated with NATO and led to the nuclear risk with Belgium by simply Russian federation should the building with the missile defenses went onward. On 20 September 2008, we and Belgium authorized the contract, while the Russian federation sent word to be actually able to Norwegian that it seemed to be suspending ties having NATO.

During the 2008 Bucharest Summit, the alliance more discussed the technological information along with the political and military services implications with the proposed portions of the North America missile support process in The European countries. Allied leaders knew which the thought out deployment associated with European-based PEOPLE missile support resources could guide protect numerous Allies, and predetermined that potential ought to be a key aspect of any foreseeable future NATO-wide missile support structure. In September 2008, Belgium and we authorized an initial offer to put a section of the missile support defend in Belgium that you will find associated with air-defense radar inside the Czech Republic. Greater than 130, 000 Czechs authorized the case for a referendum within the base.

In 20 Goal 2015 Russia’s ambassador to be actually able to Denmark authored the correspondence to the editor associated with Jyllandsposten alert the Danes that will their own participation in this particular blend associated with resources could make their own warships locates associated with Russian nuclear missiles. Denmark’s previous foreign interaction minister Holger Nited kingdom. Nielsen commented when could possibly warfare, Danish warships are going to be located naturally.

In line with the September 2009 Light Household Factsheet titled “Fact Page with Ough. Azines. Missile Safeguard Insurance plan — A “Phased, and Adaptive Approach” pertaining to Missile Safeguard in Europe” contains the pursuing some phases:

Phase A couple of (in the 2015 timeframe) – Soon after proper tests, utilize an even more equipped type with the SM-3 interceptor and (Block IB) in the two sea- and land-based layouts, plus more innovative detectors, to be actually able to expand the looked after the region in opposition to short- and the medium-range actually missile threats;

The actual deployment associated with warships pre-loaded with the Aegis RIM-161 SM-3 missile started right after Obama’s talk in September 2009. These kinds of missiles accentuate the Patriot missile techniques without a doubt used by simply United states devices. Though to begin with loyal with the strategy, when USS Monterey (CG-61) seemed to be really used to the Dark Ocean, the Russian Foreign Ministry granted the affirmation voicing matter around the deployment.


US Missile Interceptors Planned for Romania

Top officials in Bucharest, Romania said that the US missile interceptors that are supposed to be installed at the military base in Romania do not interfere with the international weapons treaty. Russia has been against this plan from the beginning. Prime Minister Victor Ponta stated that the anti-missile system, which is to be established in a military base situated in the southern part of the country, does not infringe the intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty. However, Russia said that the initiative was against the international weapons treaty. On the other hand, Ponta argued that its country had not violated any law since the anti-missile system is simply a defense mechanism that any nation can adopt. In addition, Prime Minister stated that Romania was not scared by Russia’s aggressiveness and will continue to stand beside NATO.

At first, the Russian foreign ministry official had warned both Bucharest and Washington to drop the plan. If they will not drop the plan, then they will have to face unspecified consequences. Officials from Russia called on Romania and the United States to comprehend their full responsibility for the development of these proceedings, and do away with these plans as soon as possible. However, the Romanian foreign ministry added that the anti-missile interceptors do not apply to the development and testing of these systems, which are aimed to be situated at Deveselu.

Interestingly, Russia does not support this idea that involves inaugurating bases in southern Romania and Poland as well. It is worth mentioning that the base in Deveselu will not only be the first to feature the ballistic missile system, but it will be a controversial one. This technology has been in use since 2004 in the US. It can be installed on United States warships. Aegis Ashore ballistic missile system is considered a land-based version that can be used to track the radar system that has been fitted on US warships for the last 11 years.

It is scheduled to be running by the end of this year and the base is expected to have about 500 employees, including US military, contract staff, and civilian. This project will cost Romania approximately $ 400 million. The base was first built by the Soviet Union in 1952. Washington is keeping with Russia’s increasingly aggressive character or behavior for the last two years. Note that Russia is deploying long-ranged and lethal anti-aircraft defenses in order to keep the western forces out of the core parts, such as Breedlove, Gen Philip, Levant, and Baltic. The issue of Syria can continue for several years due to the fact that both US and Russia have complicated issues in Syria. For instance, Russia has created a large platform for A2/AD and was placed between Lithuania and Poland. These strategies will help counter-terrorists, but the President of Russia said that the United States Ballistic missile interceptors in Eastern Europe can be used to supply dangerous weapons. Moreover, Russia was not happy because the NATO military was moving near its borders.

Many people from the west believe that Putin’s first priority is to safeguard Russian access to warm water seaports and warm water in the eastern Mediterranean. Secondly, they think that President Putin wants to prop up Assad’s regime and lastly, he is trying to counter ISIL work in order to legitimize their approach in Syria. As a result, NATO’S alliance has stepped back so as to take a look at their abilities in terms of the military in order to address the issue of an A2/AD problem. These issues call for investment and responsiveness especially, if they join forces to win the war on terror. The anti-missile system is simply a defensive mechanism that can be employed to defend territories of the United States and Romania and make sure that other countries are benefiting from the US missile interceptor’s effectiveness.

Romania will host land-based missile interceptors known as missile block 1 B, standard missile 3 (SM-3), and the Romanian-based site will be operational before the end of 2015. Romania will not be required to purchase US missile interceptors. Furthermore, it will not be needed to meet the cost of installation and other expenses. This implies that the US will cover all the costs ranging from installation and grounding of the site. Despite the fact that Russia strongly opposes this plan, the anti-missile shield will boost national security as well as deterring risks.

Real Estate

What exactly is a real estate agent?

A real estate agent is a person who acts as the third party between sellers and purchasers of a property. Real estate agent makes it easier for people to sell real property or buy a new one. House is usually the kind of real estate being sold or purchased, but it can be also another type of estates like an empty lot, a condominium unit, or a townhouse property.

Being a real estate agent, one must possess the skills to market and advertise. He must have the capability and determination to negotiate a good deal. An agent must be fully aware of the current details especially of the information that is related to the real estate industry. He must keep tracking of the market values of the properties at a given time.

Taking the responsibility of an intermediary between seller and buyer or vice versa, the agent himself must be able to assess the positive and negative features of the properties on the deal. He will be accounted for any wrong information and missed out on details about the real estate. Thus an agent must know by heart all the pieces of details about the property that he’s negotiating. He must be able to answer all the queries of the clients with a strong sense of confidence and must have that convincing power to close a nice deal.

The real estate agent also takes part in the role of assisting the people to get in touch with the financial institutions. The agent performs particular tasks to help people get loans for the purchasing of properties. Real estate agents are working on a commission-basis wherein they earn a certain percentage for each deal completed. Real estate agents work for a real estate agency, but there are also real estate agents who work in-house for a certain Real Estate developer.  Aside from the commission earned from each sale, some agencies and real estate developers do provide incentives, basic salary (as long as the quota are being met for a given period of time), allowances, and other benefits that will encourage the agents to do more deals.


Real estate agents go between the trading parties and offer his service to help complete the deal. In assisting to purchase a property, like for example a house property, the agent must first get the specific criteria of the buyer. Necessary details such as the type of the house, up to what cost the client is willing to spend, the desire location, the preferred environment, through what mode of the payment system, and other else important matters must be discussed first with the client. After acquiring the details, the agent then finds for-sale properties that fit into the client’s criteria. The agent takes the client for a trip to the prospect houses on sales. The agent lets the client inspects and examines closely the features of the houses while explaining the positive and negative aspects of each. The amount for each property is also discussed and if the client makes an offer on the property, the agent helps decide for the best offer price and converses about it with the seller. Upon buying the property, the agent does other necessary works for all the papers needed in the completion of purchase. The agent coordinates with the other professionals in the real estate industry to accomplish all the requirements needed, also to ensure that the buyer has the needed funding, which might involve working with lenders and finance brokers.

On the selling part when the client wants to sell property, the agent helps him decide for the price. The pricing is usually based on the current sales of comparable estates in a similar location. The agent gives advice to the client about how to get ready the house on sale – sharing advice about how to make it more presentable and appealing for any potential buyers who will go and check the property. Before the agent promotes it in public, he must also assure that everything about the house is fixed and in proper order. He has to advise the seller to keep it tidy, add some little ornamentation, check for areas that need repairs, and repaint the walls if necessary.  Make the house simply beautiful and clean with touches of cozy appeal so there will be greater chances that the potential buyers will love it right away when they pay a visit. As soon as the house is prepared, the agent advertises it. When a potential buyer shows an interest, the agent sets up a meeting and trips them (the potential buyer and his real estate agent) around the house property. Agents do also hold open houses – wherein the public is invited to take a closer look at the houses for sale, go around and post their questions to the agents. When someone makes an offer, the agent and the seller discuss it and the agent gives his opinions whether it’s good or not to accept the offer. Once the client accepted the offer, the agent processes it and helps complete the whole deal.


Becoming a real estate agent requires time, proper education, training, and passion for the profession. A college degree is not necessary, but some jurisdictions require an aspiring agent to be at least of a particular age is able to be licensed. There are special training being held formally for the real estate agents, and in some places, agents are given an examination to be licensed. But the major highlight in the life of a real estate agent is actually more than just getting a license for the job, but establishing a wide network and building a good clientele base. The real estate industry is highly competitive, thus the real estate agents must have the heart and the guts to surf the waves. Real estate agents work on a commission-basis, thus one must also know how to handle his financials properly. Be responsible enough to secure your savings and most importantly, be passionate enough to love and enjoy what you do for a living.